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Radiator Restoration

After the radiator arrives, we unbox it to assess what your radiator needs. We can either rebuild your existing core or replace your core with a new unit (recoring). We check the date code and call with our opinion on which would be best for your planned use of the car and proceed from there.

Radiator Restoration

Step-by-step photos of the restoration process can be viewed by clicking the image to the right.

In rebuilding, we completely disassemble your radiator and immerse all parts in the boiling tank (caustic soda) for approximately 30 minuets. We then pressure wash all components and dry them. Glass beading of all parts comes next, with straightening and priming of the side brackets. We rebuild the transmission oil cooler (if equipped). The fittings are straightened and we straighten the top and bottom tanks. Since the lower tank is shielded, we don't spend as much time as we do on the top tank. We still do get the dents out, just not as picky. On the top tank is where we spend the time. We have made some special dollies to hold and de-dent the top tank to the best of our abilities. Some tanks will turn out better than others, depending on the severity of the damage to your tank. We always put our maximum effort into your top tank! This will be covered with you on the initial phone contact when we receive your radiator.

Your core is rodded out (a thin piece of steel is slid down each tube to clear any debris) and all tubes resoldered into the header plate (this is what the tank solders to). We then reassemble the radiator and test it. When it tests out ok, we put it in the boiling tank for 30 seconds to neutralize any fluxes or acids still active. It is then dried, band filed (a tool to remove any excess solder on the tanks or top side brackets where they are soldered to the tank), primered and painted. We use a paint that is chemically hardened and an almost perfect match to the factory finish.

Recoring is the same, except the process of the core rebuilding. We have two different core types we can install in the radiators. The the one shown on the left below is the standard 9/16" tube on 9/16" spacing. The lower right shows the 5/8" tube on 7/16" spacing (max cooling type).

Core Types

Any radiator can get restored or re-cored, but some do turn out better than others. That is why we ship it to you for your approval before we get paid for the job, just to make sure you are satisfied.

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